How can a human produce such enchanting music? Is virtuosity a sign of divinity or a devilish attribute? Niccolò Paganini conquered early Nineteenth century audiences throughout Europe enthralling not only music lovers and amateurs but also aspiring talented musicians, like Franz Liszt. As an homage to his youthful idol, Liszt transposed for the piano Paganini’s famous melody know as “the little bell” achieving a piece that encapsulated what he admired more in Paganini’s playing. This étude is a piece of extremes: delicate but powerful, intimate but spectacular, rhythmical but full of lyricism. The pianist’s hands stroke and pound, ponder and fly, sing and dance. If successful, the performer brings back to life Liszt’s and Paganini’s pact with God, or with the Devil.*

*text by Dr. Cintia Cristiá