As the year closes to an end, a final comment, recap-like, of Alexander’s activity seems a good idea.  An intensive musical presence in Argentina in recitals, chamber music and performances with orchestra was combined with an increasing amount of work in other Latinamerican countries. As usual, concerti with orchestra stand out, ranging from Rachmaninnov’s third Piano concerto virtuosity to  Schumann’s A minor concerto subtle romanticism and including Brahms’s monumental Second Piano Concerto and two great pieces by Beethoven: the Fourth Concerto and the Fantaisie Chorale. His piano recitals featured seminal works like Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Ravel’s  Gaspard de la Nuit, Granados’s Goyescas and Falla’s Fantasía Baetica. Romantics were also present in chamber music: Beethoven, Debussy, Dvorak, Frank and Brahms, all with strings.   Alexander performed this repertoire in Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay and Panamá, devoting also some time to teaching, including a seminary on Beethoven’s Sonatas conducted at Instituto Superior de Música, in Santa Fe, and thinking about performance practice. This issue was tackled not only in that seminary but also in interviews broadcasted in different media, attracting an increasing number of followers on facebook, youtube and twitter. Keen on further exploring these aspects (academic scholarship and current comunication possibilities, both of his music and his ideas), Alexander contemplates, among his plans for next year, adding short videos devoted to particular works in his youtube channel as well as opening a podcast series.  This is, of course, in case that his already busy concert schedule for next interesting musical season allows him to do so… And now, we wish you all a peaceful and musical 2014! See you in march, Follow us in facebook!  In youtube and twitter: pianopanizza